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 Roach Hero

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PostSubject: Roach Hero   Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:28 am

Well it would be hard to have all the most important Alliance republic heroes with out me so i have a few thoughts.

In space for the alliance as Elrond

Usely commanded from an elven battle cruiser witch in my concepts looks like a more squared off flat headed Scythe Class.

As a republic hero until just before the scrin seiged trandosha i commanded From Arglev a Praetor-class Star Battle cruiser.

And for the current time period i command from A viscount class star defender.

On land It would be awesome to Have me as a Jedi with two lightsabers and with the ability to switch weapons to a blaster pistol.

Thats all my thought oh and another thing being i dont want my real ugly mug in the mod Am i allowed to submit a pic for my hero Icon?
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Roach Hero
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